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Kuriakose Elias College, as side by the curriculum encourages students to take part in certificate courses, so as to equip them with the competing today’s world. The students can have their preferences to take up the courses, in the First year UGC sponsored 9 courses are there. Each student can opt for at least a course. Second and third year students are asked to take up certificate courses offered by the concerned department.


Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking

To impart hand on training in assembling and maintenance of computer hardware’s and configuring network system using various devices

Herbal Chemistry and Technology 

To get strong theoretical and practical background in fundamental concepts of herbal chemistry

Yoga and Wellness

To empower and motivate students to achieve wellness and develop skills in various Yoga techniques that can be practiced for their own benefit or shared with others.

Food Processing and Technology

To learn skills in experimenting with and preparing food by applying theoretical concepts and skills in designing, implementing and evaluating solutions to food situations

Web Designing 

To equip the students with great knowledge of the development of the website, which is adventurous and valuable for their careers.

Organic Farming

To impart knowledge and proficiency in organic production practices and marketing of organically raised agricultural produces

Communication Skills in English

To make the students competent in their job-seeking, job-getting, and job-holding needs and to equip the students in Comprehensive Language Enhancement

Bee Keeping

To Impart education about modern beekeeping and build human resource in the beekeeping sector

Visual Media and Communication 

To articulate the fundamental elements and principles of design that enable a visual message to meaningfully engage an audience


Certificate course in Analytical Techniques in Water Analysis

To acquire knowledge about water quality parameters


Certificate Course in Hand Soldering

To imparts proper training in ‘Hand Soldering’ and there by enhancing the skills of electronic circuit making.


Students will be trained in developing, executing and monitoring vermicomposting projects in the agricultural sector.

Ornamental Fish Breeding

To impart hands on training on culture, breeding of commercially important ornamental fishes.

R Programming

Understand the concepts of R software and enable the students  to carry out data analysis using R software.

Certificate Course in Banking and Financial Services

To familiarize the students about basic banking and financial services.

Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship Development

To impart knowledge on the basics of entrepreneurial skills and competencies to provide the participants with necessary inputs for creation of new ventures

Python Programming

Create a software application using Python programming, Debug a software application written in Python programming language, Test a software application written in Python programming language.

Certificate Course in Archival Studies and Management

To acquaint the students on the nature of records and the basic archival functions like arrangement, preservation, etc.

Certificate Course in DTP

Equip the students to build their career in desktop publishing and effectively produce formatted graphics and text

Psychology in Everyday Life

To strengthen the theoretical foundations of psychology and to help the students to understand and evaluate the behaviour and every day life from a psychological perspective

Certificate Course in Life Skills Development

Enhance the life cognitive, inter personal and intra personal life skills of youth

Certificate Course in Counselling Micro Skills

Equip the future psychologists in their professionalizing process through enhancing listening skills and attention skills especially in counselling process

Certificate Course in Basics of counseling

To understand the process of counselling and to know how and where it can be applied

Certificate Course in Stress Management in Adolescents

To understand and classify life stressors and to effectively deal stress in life

Certificate Course in Income Tax

Opportunity to became financial accountant and cost accountant

Certificate course in Computerized Accounting

Opportunity to become a tax analyst/tax consultant/office accountant/tax practionnair

Certificate Course in LaTex

To study a high quality typesetting in mathematics which is beneficial for preparing academic and research papers.

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