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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

IQAC is a body proposed by the University Grants Commission (UGC). As per the UGC guidelines every higher education institution should have an internal quality assurance system with appropriate structure and process. IQAC is conceived as a mechanism to build and ensure a quality culture in the college. It is meant for planning, guiding and monitoring quality assurance and quality enhancement activities of the college. It channelizes and systematizes the efforts and measures towards academic excellence. It is a facilitative and participative organ of the institution and is a driving force for ushering in quality by working out intervention strategies.


  1. Dr. Antony Thomas, Principal        (Chairman)
  2. Dr. Mathews T Thelly                        (Co-ordinator)
  3. Rev. Fr.Joby Joseph Makalel C.M.I (Vice Principal)
  4. Dr. Jollyamma Mathew                       (Joint Coordinator)
  5. Dr. Sujarani Mathew                            (Eng., Secretary)
  6. Dr. Brijit Paul                                         (Hindi)
  7. Dr. Sandhya C                                        (NAAC Coordinator)
  8. Ms. Amal Sharin T.J                             (Eco)
  9. Mr. Rony George                                   (Mal)
  10. Ms. V Sebastian                                     (Maths)
  11. Dr. Jesty Thomas                                  (Chem)
  12. Ms. Sijimol C G                                      (History)
  13. Fr.Johnson Joseph CST                      (Psy.)
  14. Dr. Dhanya P Joseph                           (Statistics)
  15. Nisha Maria E G                                   (Zoology)
  16. Mr.Baby M Thomas                             (Office Superintendent)
  17. Ms.Animol Thomas                              (Librarian)
  18. Mr. Sivaprasad C                                   (General Manager, Josco Food Industries)
  19. Ms. Akshaya C S                                    (UG Student Coordinator)
  20. Ms. Asha Maria                                      (PG Student Coordinator)


  1. Ms. Chinchu Rose George     (English)
  2. Dr. Brigit Paul                           (Hindi)
  3. Dr. Joyskutty Joseph               (Malayalam)
  4. Dr.Mercy Mathews                 (Physics)
  5. Dr. Jesty Thomas                   (Chemistry)
  6. Ms. Deepa Mary Joseph       (Botany)
  7. Ms. Rose Mary N J                 (Zoology)
  8. Ms.Stancy V sebastian          (Mathematics)
  9. Ms.Jeslin Maria Mamen      (Psychology)
  10. Ms. Amal Sharin T.J             (Economics)
  11. Mr.Prajod Sunny                   (Commerce)
  12. Ms.Sijimol C.G                       (History)
  13. Dr.Sindhu E.S                        (Statistics)
  14. Major(Rtd.)Johnny Thomas(Self Finance General Co-ordinator)
  15. Ms.Deepa S.                           (B.Voc)
  16. Ms. Navamy Raju                 (English SF)
  17. Ms. Rose Joseph                   (Maths SF)
  18. Ms. Anitta T Manuel            (Computer Application)
  19. Rev.Dr.Shobhana C.M        (Psychology SF)
  20. Mr. C Pratheesh                    (Commerce SF)
  21. Ms. Soniya N.V                     (Applied Electronics)
  22. Ms. Simple Mathew              (MSW)
  23. Ms. Tinu Varghese                (Botany SF)

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