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Anti Narcotics Cell

The Anti Narcotic Club aims to curb the menace of substance abuse among youngsters. The club envisages every student of the college to be goal oriented and innovative in protecting oneself and others against drugs and alcohol. The activities of the club include sensitization programmes through awareness classes, poster exhibitions, campaigns etc. The club supports the proactive interventions by Government, NGOs, de-addiction centers etc for a drug free world.

 Objectives of the Anti-narcotics Club:

  • To ensure a drug free campus.
  • To engage the students in anti- narcotic activities.
  • Motivate students to become volunteers of anti-narcotic activities in their life.

Activities of the Anti-Narcotics Club

  • Ensured no sale of tobacco/narcotic products inside the premises and within the radius of 100 yards from the college. Designed notice board as per guidelines and installed at various locations.
  • Conducting Anti-drug rallies.
  • Conducting poster presentation on the shocking health effects of narcotics.
  • Inspection of the anti-narcotics cell at the college campus and the premises.


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