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Birds Club International

Birds Club International is a non-commercial organisation that aims at promoting global interest in birds, conservation of nature and the environments through public campaigns and education, started in 2010, by National and International award-winning Indian filmmaker, Jayaraj Rajasekharan Nair. Birds Club International aims to revive the nature by not just planting trees, but by joining hands with the various strata of the society, especially children and youth, bringing about a change in the way people look at and treat their environment, and avail prompt sustainable use of natural resources. An active wing of Birds Club International has been functioning in Kuriakose Elias College since June 2017.

Our vision is to instill respect for nature among youth and make them feel responsible towards the environment, to get them involved in improving it through volunteering and to inspire them to initiate a positive change towards nature conservation. Our activities include creation and management of rain grove in the campus, organizing discussions, open forums & seminars on issues related to conservation, photography competitions on nature related themes, short film making etc. Short films made by Birds Club members were screened in Rain International Film Festival in 2019 & 2020 and won wide acclaim. The short film ‘Azhi’ by our team bagged the Golden Owl Award for Best Short Fiction in 2019.

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