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The research centre of the chemistry department was officially recognised by Mahatma Gandhi University during the academic year 2013-2014. Ever since the inception of the Research Centre, the department is known for serious research activities. In the year 2020 the research laboratory was shifted to the fully equipped new research block. A number of major and minor research projects have been completed by the various faculty members. The department has more than 150 publications in various reputed national and international journals. Currently we have completed three major projects and four minor projects funded by UGC, DST and KSCSTE.


  1. Dr. Jollyamma Mathew
  2. Dr. Jesty Thomas
  3. Dr. Litty Joseph
  4. Dr. Annu Thomas (B.C.M. College, Kottayam)


Name of the Scholar Supervising Guide Title of the Thesis Year of Award
Dr. Radhika S  Dr. Jesty Thomas Design and development of highly efficient nano semiconductors solar photocatalysts for the degradation of persistent organic pollutants 2018
Dr. Ambili K.S. Dr. Jesty Thomas Synthesis and characterization of stable, highly luminescent inorganic -organic hybrid materials by grafting lanthanide organic complexes on inorganic matrices 2019
Dr. Janey Mary Mathew Dr. Jesty Thomas Structural, spectral, biological and short term in vitro cytotoxicity studies of transition metal complexes derived from heterocyclic ketone 3-(N-substituted) piperazine ring incorporated Thiosemicarbazones 2021


Name of Guide Research Scholars Area of Research Publications
Dr. Jollyamma Mathew
  1. Ashamol Cherian
Studies in nitrogen-sulphur heterocyclic compounds. View
Dr. Jesty Thomas
  1. Aji Joseph (On-going)
  2. Mekha Susan Rajan (On-going)
  3. Anju John (On-going)

Nano material synthesis, Nanophotocatalysis, Solar light active degradation of pollutants, Synthesis of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid materials etc

Dr. Litty Joseph    Hydrochemistry View
Dr. Annu Thomas
  1. Aby Jimson (On-going)
  2. Shilpa Joy (On-going)
  3. Tony Francis (On-going)
  4. Jaisy Joy (On-going)

Synthesis and characterization of Metal organic frameworks, Development of nano materials, Green Synthesis of zinc oxide nanocomposites.


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