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Post Graduate Department of Botany is  a prominent educational venture of Kuriakose Elias College. Department is well established with all necessary facilities. We strive to create an academic environment in which professionally creative and socially acceptable values are upheld. Journey started on  7 th October 2014. We guide the students by instilling scientific awareness in them and inspiring them to master the intrigaining , mysterious, fascinating and wonderous world of biology, especially botany. We are dealing with both the modern and ancient topics of botany.  We the teachers of botany enrich the students by the topic wise presentation of all branches of botany mainly Systematic botany, Environmental studies, Plant physiology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Research Methodology etc. We help  and instruct the students to lead a better life in their families and society.  We mould the students with self confidence and self respect. Students get general and public awareness about nature through our study tours based on their syllabus. Most of our student projects are  interdisciplinary and  related to the public. We create research attitudes through  visits to regional and National laboratories and also seminars, assignments and webinars.


To generate in the young aspirants a creative approach in the field of Botany.


  • To provide an atmosphere, this would nurture creative intelligence and social commitment in students.
  • To guide the young generation in exploring the unlimited environs of biological research.        
  • Cultivating talents and skills
  • Mould students to achieve goals

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