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Entrepreneurship Development Club

Entrepreneurship development Club of K. E College is functioning as a registered unit of District Industries Centre of Kerala since January 2016. The Club aims at inculcating innovative skills and entrepreneurial mind set among students and thereby developing an entrepreneurial culture in the institution. ED Club of the college is successfully equipping young minds to persist in their journey to become successful entrepreneurs. Since its inception, the Club organizes a wide range of programmes to create and promote entrepreneurial skills, awareness and provides training to the innovative minds of the college. Our programmes include Entrepreneurship Development Programmes, Skill Acquisition Programmes, Faculty Development Programmes, Motivational talks by entrepreneurs and policy makers.

Objectives of the Club:

  • To develop awareness among students about the attitudes, values, and skills required for successful entrepreneurs as well as to sensitise the industrial scenario of the state.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture amongst the youth and to equip them with skills, mind set and determination to take up entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • To enable the students to generate new ideas and equip them to convert their ideas in to market.

Every initiative of the club aims in nurturing the latest innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the students. Entrepreneurship Development Club of K.E is in its right way to build the next generation entrepreneurs.

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