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The Film Club is an exclusive club for film lovers of the college, among both Students and faculty who has a distinct flair for good cinematic art. The club aims at bringing together a group of creative art lovers who wish to make a change in the campus and in society through recourse to films.

The college has a long history of creating talented actors as well as making short films through the Film and Drama clubs. The members of the club fill in their applications at the beginning of the academic year and gather at regular intervals for the screening of films -ranging from short films to (international) film festivals.  Classics which are related to the syllabus of the curriculum are also screened for the edification of the teacher/student community.

The year affected by Covid pandemic instilled new modes of screening movies, through the help of You tube and Whatapp among the college community. The film Fest Prism ‘21 was conducted for film lovers on themes of humanitarian issues as well as environmental matters. Gender sensitization was another aspect that often finds a place in the screening of movies by the Film Club. The Club is at present co-ordinated by the English department.

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