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Mentoring Cell

The Mentoring cell of K.E College functions under the guidance of the principal and faculty coordinators with the primary objectives of enabling constructive interaction, guidance, mentorship and providing reliable and comprehensive support system for the students. Mentoring is a unique method of supporting students to improve their learning and leadership skills, motivating them towards their future career development. With this in mind, the college has implemented a mentoring program in which faculty members receive mentoring training and meet with students on a daily basis to listen to their concerns and provide guidance on their general personality development. A group of 20 students (mentees) are assigned to a teacher (mentor) who will monitor and assist the students in academics and overall development. The mentors actively develop supportive intentional relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and accountability that creates a safe space for the mentee to work towards personal learning goals. This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of the student. During the last semester the students are advised for higher studies along with proper career guidance.

Objectives of mentoring cell

  • To offer psychosocial support for the students
  • To inspire mentees and instil confidence in them so that they can take on tough tasks and challenges in their lives.
  • Mentors aim to recognize their mentees’ potential and interests, and then guide them toward active engagement in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Improvement of teacher- student relationship.
  • Guiding students in choosing the correct professional path for a job, higher education, or entrepreneurship.

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