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Quiz Club

The Quiz Club of K E College, is a platform where the whiz kids of the institution find an arena to test their mettle. The aim of the club is to instigate the students to greater heights of knowledge and to imbue in them a curiosity to conquer unknown realms of information.  Every student of the college is encouraged to take part in quiz competitions and to bring out the best in them. Even during the pandemic times, various quiz competitions were conducted in the college under the aegis of the club and that of various departments.

Students belonging to different departments gather together in this club to conduct quiz competitions throughout the year. A President and Secretary to the Club are decided on at the beginning of each academic year from the Third year and Second year batches respectively. The teachers in Charge give guidance to the various activities of the club. At present, Dr Sujarani Mathew of the English department is the main co-ordinator of the club.

The quiz club is in charge of preparing the students for inter/intra collegiate quiz competitions as well as state level competitions that are intimated to the college. The students of the club conduct quiz competitions on General topics as well as in Subject areas in which they specialize, under the patronage of various departments. Students of the club regularly participate in intercollegiate quiz competitions and bring laurels to the college in the form of Cash Prizes, Medals and Trophies.

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