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The SC/ST cell of the college functions for the welfare of SC/ST students and resolves all the affairs and problems related to them. It is expected to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficulties. It is specifically concentrated on prevention of caste-based discrimination and the welfare of the SC/ST Students It also guides weaker section students to avail of all permissible scholarships and financial assistance and other facilities and privileges. The college has also appointed Nodal Officers to oversee the effective implementation of reservation policies/rules related to SC/ST as per Government of India/UGC notifications. We have created a whatsapp group for sharing their personal, social and academic problems and difficulties. This group help them to convey their issues confidentially and get solved. SC/ST cell keeps a register having students name, department, whether SC or ST category and sex of students who got admission through CAP. We give remedial classes along with other students who need extra support in study. Class teachers evaluate the academic progress of SC/ST students regularly. The cell ensures various government grants for SC/ST students are availed in time.

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