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The Scholar Support Programme envisions to provide continuous support to needy students of the Undergraduate courses of Government and Aided Arts and Science colleges, under the new initiatives in higher education by Government of Kerala. The programme aims to identify students who are unable to perform well in examinations and understand the possible reasons behind their academic difficulties. By providing a supportive atmosphere wherein individual and academic assistance is offered to needy students, the programme envisions to improve exam performance of students and decrease dropouts in colleges.

Our college implements the Scholar Support Programme in its full aspects. SSP aims at extending personalized additional support to students in the subjects included in the curriculum through tutorials, study materials, additional lectures, question banks and interactive sessions. Subjects that need additional support are identified at college level, based on the result analysis of University Exams and as per the local requirements of the students. Candidates are selected based on their marks in qualifying exam and previous semesters. Also preference is given to those who lost their classes due to other genuine reasons.

In addition to special classes arranged by faculty, study material are provided to the selected students. Content generation through setting up of question banks and videos are also components of this programme. Concerned teachers conduct remedial classes, group discussions, test papers and previous question paper discussion for the students. Students are equipped for facing the examinations with a positive attitude and confidence.

Apart from subject coaching, external mentoring in English, Learning Skill and Life skills are part of this programme. The concepts in English listening, speaking and writing are provided to the participant students.  Learning and Life Skill classes enable them to improve their study skills and reduce exam anxiety and train them in their personal growth.

There is a college level monitoring committee for the successful conduct of the scheme. Dr. Jini Thomas, Asst Prof, Dept of Physics is the present the coordinator for the programme in the college.

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