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Tourism Club

Tourism is the third largest multi-sector industry  in the world which acts as the major contributor to the economic growth of any country. Kerala, which is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world, has immense potential for sustainable tourism. Government of Kerala has proposed to constitute Tourism Clubs in schools and colleges with the intention of promoting and popularizing tourism in the state. Under these guidelines, Kuriakose Elias  College has formed a Tourism Club  in 2002 with the goal of spreading awareness among youth,  the need for protecting and promoting Kerala’s tourism potential. The major aim of the club is to create responsible citizens with a sense of sustainable tourism. Tourism Club take initiatives to update the current happenings in the industry to its members and organizes various events like nature trips, orientation sessions by industry experts, travelogues and competitions related to tourism. Tourism Club of the College ensures green protocols and principles in all its initiatives. Tourism Club of our college is registered with Tourism Promotion Council Kottayam district. A positive outlook among students towards the tourism industry is envisaged as the outcome of Tourism Club of the College.

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