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Well Equipped Lab

  • 92 compound light microscopes & 32 simple microscope.
  • Leica ATC 2000 Trinocular Advanced Research Microscope with Photomicrographic attachment
  • Digital pH meter.
  • Digital colorimeter.
  • Bacteriological incubator.
  • Inoculation chamber.
  • Digital weighing balance.
  • Water Bath.
  • Chemicals for cytology and molecular biology experiments.
  • 2 Computers for bioinformatics experiments.

Well maintained herbarium with approx 950 preserved herbarium sheets.

Elaborate departmental library with 300 books.

EBooks collection.

Botanical Museum

A proud hertitage of our department, the botanical museum showcases approximately 1000 specimens of plant life including very rare and precious ones.

Botanical Garden

Department maintains an extensive collection of live plant specimens for laboratory and learning purposes. A collection of medicinal plants is also maintained in the garden.


The department identifies weak students and gives them special attention by arranging special classes on Saturdays and other holidays.


Each class in the department is assigned with a mentor who is available to the students from 3.30 p.m to 4.00p.m every day. The mentor gives necessary guidance and advice to the entrusted students in both academic and personal problems. Students requiring special care are guided to the college counseling centre where expert guidance under a professional counsellor is available twice a week.

Plant Identification

Department offers expert service on plant description and identification for other institutions like Department of pharmacology, Medical College, Kottayam

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