Bachelor of Science with Computer Application


  Following the introduction of the B.Sc. Mathematics in 1980 and M.A. Economics in 1981, Mr.Joy Joseph M.Sc. Statistics and Mr.K.J.Mathai M.Sc. Statistics, joined the Department on 24-10-1980 and 19-01-1982. Mr. Joy Joseph was relieved from service on 01-10-1981 on his appointment as Lecturer in St. Aloysious College, Edathua. Degree course in Psychology, with Statistics and Psychology as subsidiaries was started during the academic year 1993-94 and Fr. Joseph O.C. CMI,M.Sc. Statistics was appointed as a Lecturer in Statistics on 16-01-1995 . Two more courses were added to the Department: B.Sc. Computer Applications (UGC Sponsored) in 2000 and M.Sc. Operations Research and Computer Applications in 2001. The combined Department of Mathematics and Statistics was bifurcated on 01-04-1996 and Prof. K.J.Mathai was appointed Head of the Statistics Department.  

Aim & Objective

  The Department aims at an in-depth study of the theory of Statistics and its practical applications. The students are given practical training as far as possible. Since Statistics embraces all braches of study, including Science, Arts and Commerce special emphasis is made on the inter- disciplinary nature of statistics.
Ms. Anitta T. Manuel 0481-237841 M.Sc. , B.Ed., M.Tech (HOD)
Ms. Divya S Nair 9656320898 M.Sc. , B.Ed.
Ms. Vishna Devi D 9539169507 M.Sc.
Ms. Tincy Mathew 9495876227 MCA
Ms. Jasmine Joseph 9747947021, M.phil

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