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History and Profile

The Department Of Computer Applications was established in 2000. The department offers bachelors degree in computer applications (Triple main). The main subjects are Computer, Statistics and Mathematics.

The department provides student-centric teaching methods such as seminars, presentations; project work, assignments and ICT supported teaching. The major thrust of the programme is to provide students a sound background in computing, programming and mathematics which are relevant to Information technology. Curriculum is designed to facilitate students to pursue higher education in India and abroad.


To develop an academy of the computing by providing invigorating the learning atmosphere with the technological orientation by covering the whole curriculum which expand  individual prospective and upgrade to deem centres of brilliance and sew up students of all abilities level to do for the changes of the industry and the society.

  • The department is devoted to give the excellent education to students and train them through purposeful practices of the teaching and the learning process to make them good IT professionals.
  • To bring up the professional approach, leadership qualities and moral values to the graduates by organizing various programs regularly.
  • To become self-reliant and serve the society through research and consultancy.
Faculty Details
Ms. Divya S Nair 9656320898 M.Sc. , B.Ed.
Ms. Vishna Devi D  9539169507 M.Sc.
Ms. Tincy Mathew 9495876227 MCA
Ms. Jasmine Joseph 9747947021 M.Sc., M.Phil.

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