The Department of Psychology is unique in itself as the very discipline aims at finding the keys to integral development of an individual. Education, no matter which ever form it takes, does not reach its fullness until it leads the society to its next level of development. The development of society depends on the developing individual. The department does not conform our education to the syllabus. It fosters numerous curricular and extra curricular activities that will helps psychology students in their all round development. This is what makes our department incomparable. Department of Psychology of K. E. College is the second department under M. G. University.  


  Psychology was taught in K.E. College as a subject since 1966. The Department of Psychology, as an independent faculty, was established on January 10, 1994 as an undergraduate department under the headship of Fr. C. S. Sebastian, thirty years after the college was established. The department was shifted to the newly constructed block on June 14, 1995. The block has an area of 3390 sq.feet. The new block was inaugurated and opened by the then Manager Rev. Fr. Sebastian Palathara, in the presence of the college Principal Rev. Fr. Peter Pulivelil, staff members and students. Within a short time this department has earned laudable reputation as one of the most prestigious academic center of learning psychology in Kerala.
Fr. Johnson Joseph 9447753309 M.Sc.(Asst. Prof & HOD)
Ms. Jesline Maria Mamen 8547764187 M.Sc., M.Phil
Ms. Chinchu Rani Vincent 8086377671

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