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The department of Psychology, KE College Mannanam is one of the pioneering academic departments of psychology in Kerala. The Department aspires to be a nationally recognized leader in undergraduate and post graduate education, where undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty establish close collaborations to learn the scientific principles of behavior and mental processes, to make significant contributions to the science and practice of psychology, and to produce professionals who serve the local, national, and global communities. On a journey to actualise the potential of this institution as a centre of academic excellence, the department also actively involved in various social activities to promote the mental health of the society at large.

The demand of the programme offers by the department is very high and draws a huge number of applications every year for both UG and PG programme.  We give importance for Quality education by exploring students’ potentials through various curricular, co- curricular activities and exposure to diverse social settings that makes the pedagogy a unique one. Our undergraduate program provides a foundation for the scientific understanding of behavior and mental processes and promotes scholarship and service. Our post graduate programs prepare students to become Licensed Psychologists, School Psychology Specialists, and Licensed Professional Counsellors who provide evidence-based services for children, adults, and families in a variety of healthcare and educational settings. The Alumni of the department always present the excellence of the academics and the life skills training imparted. The members of the alumni work in various countries as mental health professionals, teachers and human resource managers.


The department of Psychology was established in 1993 as an undergraduate department under the headship of Fr. Sebastian Chamathara C.M.I. Though psychology was taught as an optional subject of pre-degree from early years of the college onwards, it was taken around thirty years to establish it as an independent faculty. Dr. M.K. Mathew and Dr. Radhika S. joined as faculties in 1995 and 1996 respectively.

 In 2008 Fr. Sebastian retired from the service. Dr. M.K. Mathew was appointed as the Head of the department. In 2009 Fr. Johnson Joseph CST appointed as a faculty in the department. In 2015 Dr. M.K. Mathew was retired from the service and Fr. Johnson Joseph was appointed as the Head of the department. In the same year itself Ms.Jesline Maria Mamen and Ms. Chinchu Rani Vincent were appointed as teaching faculty in the department. In 2013, in the golden jubilee year of Kuriakose Elias College, the department was upgraded as post graduate department. In 2017 the department celebrated the silver jubilee of its establishment.  The department has a unique culture of fraternity and togetherness. Both faculty and students moved and worked together to nurture and sustain the educational environment with a spirit of family. The department has a strong alumni association known as Psychology Alumni Association Mannanam ( PAAM).  Every year the department with the support of PAAM organise national and inter national level workshops, conferences and psychology exhibition. PsychEx is a famous psychology exhibition in the state  organised by the department once in every three years.

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