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The department of psychology self was established in 2015 as an undergraduate department under the leadership of Fr. Johnson Joseph CST, as this was an emerging need due to excess of admission that was flowing in our college hence it began as an extension activity of psychology aided. In 2015 Miss Sharu and Miss Naysha joined as the faculties in charge and later Miss Rejitha Kumar served as a guest faculty. In the year 2015 post graduate course in psychology was established.  

In the year 2016, Dr .Sr. Shobhana Michael was appointed as the head of the department and Miss Naysha and Rejitha continued to teach till the end of the academic year 2016-2017. Later in 2017, the Post Graduate course became a part of the aided department. In the year 2017 onwards, Miss Asha Paul and Miss Reva Maria George joined as guest faculties. In  2018, the department was lead by Mrs. Anisha Rajan as HOD and Mr Jesty Sunny and Ms. Asritha Raj as other faculty members.

In 2020, Mrs. Ambili C. K was appointed as HOD. Ms. Irene Joseph and Mrs. Naina Lizbeth as other faculties. Presently in 2021, the department is led by Mrs. Ambili C. K as HOD along with Mrs. Mitha Babu and Ms. Irene Joseph as other faculties.

The department was privileged to extend a lot of programme for the growth and development of the human life. Students were given opportunities and training in different areas. The department has been played conclusive role in promoting mental health.

Vision– To promote intellectual excellence, value based learning and provide psychological service for a better tomorrow.

MissionTo provide an integral growth and development by giving psychological life to the lifeless, psychological voice to the voiceless and psychological help to the helpless.

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