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The Department of Chemistry aims to create a centre of excellence through the formation of young people empowered to create a bright future for themselves and others, through dissemination of knowledge, skills and noble values. The department enables the students with deep knowledge and awareness of current developments in the field of chemistry. The study of chemistry equips the students with skills necessary to succeed at the very highest level in the competitive world.


The Department of Chemistry started functioning in the year 1964. Prof. Joseph J Murikallel M.S. was the first Head of the department He was  a very dynamic and brilliant personality, who took his post graduation from the United States. Prof. Joy Jose, Prof. K.N. Sudhakaran Nair, Prof. M.V. Chacko, Prof. K.P Thomas and Prof. K.T. Thomas were the pioneering teachers of the department. They were followed by the second generation of teachers- Prof.(Dr.) M.J. Joseph, Prof. Thomas Mathew, Prof. J.L.Rajan, Prof.(Dr.) James C Joseph, Prof.(Dr.) Babu Kuncheria, Prof. Sebastian Mathew and Prof. Jose Willington, who served the department for more than 30 years. B.Sc. Chemistry course was started in the year 1967. Postgraduate course in Analytical Chemistry was launched in 1998. The research centre of chemistry department was officially recognised by Mahatma Gandhi University during the academic year 2013-2014. Now the department is under the able, dynamic and vibrant guidance of Dr. Jollyamma Mathew, with  seven permanent faculty members and two guest faculties.

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