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Colligo’20: National level intercollegiate commerce and management fest- “Colligo’20” was organized on 18th January 2020. It was a very colorful event organized by the association. Seven events and a cash prize worth Rs.100000 were given. Business Quiz, Best Management Team, IPL Auction, Treasure Hunt, Spot event, Spot Dance and Spot Photography were the events. More than 300 students from various colleges participated in the fest.


Two national webinar was organised under the auspices of Post Graduate Department of Commerce. First one on 29th August 2020 on “Conceptual Model Development in Social science Research”. Second on “Research Instrument Development” in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University

The seminar’s has been designed and developed to introduce some concepts and ideas concerning the development of  a model . The aim is to bring together and provide some key inputs to faculties, research scholars and P.G students who are aspiring to do research and those who are  doing research.


With the objectives of creating a sustainable society, a Campaign for pesticide free vegetables is organized by the students of Department of Commerce under the auspices of Commerce Association and the students distributed vegetable seeds among the neighbouring community whereby the college is located.  The students distributed around 200 seed packets in the village Mannanam and created an awareness regarding the use of organic vegetables and prompted them to cultivate the vegetable plants at home.

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