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B.Com. Computer Application

B.Com Computer Applications is a 3-year undergraduate programme. Under this programme, the students would be taught the basics of Commerce like accountancy, macroeconomics along with the basics of computer language, computer applications in business, etc. The Bachelor of Computer Applications is a degree that equips students with knowledge in both commerce as well as computer application. The degree enables the students to understand all the technicalities involved with respect to the computer applications and how to use them in business after graduation.

Certificate Courses
Income Tax & GST

Over 100 students of Computer Application Programme are attending two-hour classes on Income Tax & GST on every Saturday. The subject was not routine and the teachers are not the regular ones. The students are made aware of the concepts of income tax & goods and services tax (GST) by a group of experts in the field. This certificate course encourages the students to inform their friends and families about the benefits of the new systems of taxation.

Computerised Accounting

Over 50 students of Finance & Taxation are attending two-hours every week the certificate course on Computerised Accounting. This Course provides knowledge on computer and its application to the students of Finance & taxation. It teaches students all the technicalities involved with respect to computer applications and how to use them in business after graduation.

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Faculty Members
Dr.  George Jospeh Nadackal 9447111231 HOD
Mr. Pratheesh C 9496115415 M.Com. , PGDCA
Ms. Sreeja Mohan 9539368854 M.Com
Ms. Shereena K B 9746980549 M.Com.
Mr. Pramod Lukose 9846279907 M.Com, M.Ed.
Mr. Bimal Kumar 9995627468 M.Com , PGDCA
Ms. Deepthi S Nair 9947192254 M.Com.
Ms. Geethika Suresh 8547564925 M.Com.
Ms. Suryamol K R 9995807565 M.Com.
Ms. Rashmi R 9947470705 M.Com.
Ms. Arya S 9497679545 M.Com.
Mr. Shamal T M 9747820013 M.Com.
Mr. Jibin Mathew 8089002992 M.Com.
Mr. Aquil C Sam 8129125433 M.Com.
Mr. Visakh Chandran 9446488041 M.Com.

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