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Kuriakose Elias College, established by the CMI congregation in 1964 and administered by them ever since, has the record of a glorious past. In the field of higher education, the college assumes a great significance and illuminates many to the right path of knowledge and wisdom. The Department of English has always been playing a pivotal role in this great endeavor of facilitating comprehensive and integral development of individuals who can effectively function as instruments of social changes imbued with righteousness and courage of conviction. The department caters to the all round development of all the students through many a programme and the routine classes.


Ever since the inception of the college in 1964, the Department of English has been in full swing with the sole aim of imparting the best English education to all the students of the college. The degree course of English language and Literature was begun along with the up-gradation of the college in 1967. Rev. Fr. Papias C M I was the first Head of the Department. The Department has since then been led forward through the past 46 years of luminaries like Fr. Maximin C.M.I., Fr. Thomas Vempala C.M.I. and Prof. George Sebastian. Dr Sujarani Mathew is the present Head of the Department. We consider ourselves lucky in having a person with great farsightedness and leadership qualities at the wheel.

Faculty Details
Dr. Sujarani Mathew 9447320083 M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Asst. Prof & HOD)
Mr. Rony George 9496635025 M.A.(English), M.A. (Hist.), M.Phil. ,M.B.A (Asst. Prof)
Fr. Joby Joseph C.M.I 9496546707 M.A, M.Phil., M.A (Hist.), B.Ed. (Asst. Prof )
Ms. Indu Peter 9497323215 M.A (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Chinchu Rose George 9605322924 M.A, B.Ed. (Asst. Prof)
Mr. Kevin George   M.A (Asst. Prof)

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