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The English Department works as the core of aesthetic, creative and intellectual discourses of the college. With its long legacy of more than half a century, the Department stands atop in bringing into light the needs and issues of the times by redefining the existing frameworks of knowledge bestowment. The department gives its students a chance to enhance their wide vistas of knowledge and experiences, culture and traditions in its fullness. The faculty supports and provides every possible opportunity for the students to explore their talents to endless bounds and to extend their creativity to boundless expanses, along with both curricular and extra curricular needs of the growing younger generation. The Department always attempts to create a niche of success that can set its own standards.

 The  B A English Language and Literature programme began to work in its full swing along with the up-gradation of the college in 1967 and Rev. Fr. Papias CMI was the first Head of the Department.

The present HOD Dr. Sujarani Mathew has been in charge since the beginning of the academic year 2017-18.The Department now offers a certificate course in communication Skills  as well as various value-based certificate courses. The department hosts academic events, graced by eminent scholars from various walks of knowledge. The English Association, ELACES, has been successfully organizing intercollegiate educational and cultural fests for enhancing the caliber of the student community. Endowed with all the requisites, the department is a home to creative young minds to take off their journey towards greater heights.


UGC Approved Certificate Courses:

  • Communicative Skills in English
  • Visual Media and Communication

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