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The primary objective of three year undergraduate programme in Economics with History and Political Science as subsidiaries is to provide basic high quality knowledge and perspective skills in economic and social ideas and business functions. It also familiarises the students with basic economic concepts and theories with quantitative tools and analytical methods.

Complementary Courses: History and Political Science

Open Course:  Fundamentals of Economics

Certificate Courses
Banking and Financial Services

The Certificate course in Banking and Financial Services  deals with the basics of Banking and Financial Planning which will act as founding stone for the students who seek career in Banking as well as help them to choose their financial strategies in the best way possible.

Entrepreneurship Development

The certificate course in Entrepreneurship Development helps students to come up with the concept of Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship. It will also help students to explore emerging opportunities as an entrepreneur.

Faculty Details
Ms. Rinu Jose 9048476869 M.A, M.Phil. (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Amal Sharin T.J. 9496723434 M.A., B.Ed. (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Mettilda George 9496723434 M.A, B.Ed. (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Gincy Susan Lukose 9947399335 M.Sc., M.Phil. (Asst. Prof)
Mr. Vinu J George  9895425564 M.A (Asst. Prof)

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