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  1. Dr. Cyriac Joseph
  2. Dr. A. Jose


Name of the Scholar Supervising Guide Title of the Thesis Year of Award
Ms. Sunimol V.C. Dr. A. Jose Poverty Eradication Programme And Its Socio-Economic Impact On Dalit Women In Kerala 18thSeptember 2020
Ms. Gayana T S Dr. Cyriac Joseph Electronic Waste Management Practices and its Implications: An Empirical Study of Ernakulam District, Kerala 04thJanuary 2021
Ms. Ramadevi T C Dr. Cyriac Joseph Customer Behaviour Towards Insurance Products – A Comparative Study Between Public and Private Insurance Companies in Kerala 06thJan 2021
Ms. Vinita Nair Dr. Cyriac Joseph Determinants of Investment Decision Among Women in Kerala: A Gender Analysis 14thJan 2021


Name of the Scholar Supervising Guide Title of the thesis
Ms. Gincy Lukose V Dr. Cyriac Joseph Economic Development and the Environment:  A Case Study of  Chemical Industry in Kerala
Ms. Amal Sharin T. J Dr. Cyriac Joseph Maternal Health Care Expenditure in Kerala


Dr. Rinu Jose- UGC-Minor Research Project (2013-15) on “Impact of women work force participation in demographic transition in Kerala”

Dr. Vinu J. George- UGC-Minor Research Project (2009-11) on “Intellectual Property Rights and New Security Challenges with Special Reference to Food Security in India”

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