The department of Mathematics, ever since its inception in 1980, has been in the forefront to provide quality education in the field of higher mathematics. The department was able to achieve this goal with the combined and devoted efforts of all its members. The inter collegiate quiz competition, started in 1988, by the department was a major step towards fulfilling our goal in this direction and we are the pioneer among a dozen colleges in Mahatma Gandhi University to have such competitions. Due to the strong foundation laid to it by the founder Head of the Department Prof. T.M. Joseph the department has been able to secure a name among its stake holders as one of the best departments of the Mahatma Gandhi University. History History of the department of mathematics begins with the starting of the college in 1964 and the appointment of Sri. Joseph Pappy as lecturer on 31-07-1964. Later, Sri. Pappy went aboard and prof. K.R. Anadepadmanbha Iyer took charge of the department on 15-06-1965. It was on 15-06-1967 that the prof. T.M.Joseph joined the department and was the head of the department till his retirement on 31-03-1996. Sixteen years after the department was formed i.e., on11-08-1980, Bachelors Degree Programme was introduced, thus making it a full- fludged department. Soon after the introduction of the Bachelors Programme, several new teachers were appointed Mr. Joy Joseph (24-10-1980), Fr. Philip Pazhayakari (17-8-1981), Mr. M.J. George (5-10-1981), Mr. K.J. Mathai (18-1-1982), and Mr. Josekutty Antony (9-2-1982), Mr. P.J Joy (1-7- 1982) and K.S. Bastin (29-11-1982) were appointed .Later Mr. Sunny Joseph K (10-07-1987) and Mrs. Stancy .V. Sebastian (25-10-1996) joined this department when the senior teachers retired. All these teachers are known for their integrity and hard work. Fr. Philip Pazhayakari of the Department was the Principal of the college during 1988-1991, till his retirement. Under his leadership, the Department and the college rose to new heights. Since the retirement of Prof. T.M Joseph and Prof. Josekutty Antony, Prof. P J Joy has been heading the department from 1-5-2013 onwards. The Department was upgraded into a post graduate one, by the introduction of Masters Degree programme in 2002. As it is a Self-Financing Programme a number of Guest Lectures of merit have been appointed.

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