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History & Profile

The department of mathematics, ever since its inception in 1980, has been in the forefront to provide quality education in the field of higher Mathematics. The department was able to achieve this goal with the combined and devoted efforts of all its members. The Faculty of Mathematics believes that education is power and it converts human beings into human resources for development. Due to the strong foundation laid to it by the founder head of the department Prof: T. M Joseph, the department has been able to secure a name among its stake holders as one of the best departments of the affiliated colleges of Mahatma Gandhi University.

 Though the department had all the potentials to start a post graduate programme right from its beginning, only in 2002, it was upgraded to a post graduate department in the self financing stream. Many students who can easily get admission in various other aided institutions are opting this centre for their post graduate studies shows its reputation. Due to the Government policies, presently the Postgraduate course is functioning as a separate department.

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