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M.Com. Finance & Taxation or Master of Commerce in Finance & Taxation is a postgraduate Finance Programme. It is a two years’ duration program or the courses cover topics like principles of finance, financial planning, advanced accountancy and economic theory along with a specialized focus on Taxation. In other words, M.Com (Finance & Taxation) is a degree programme in which, apart from the general courses of study in Commerce, the primary focus is on the systematic study of the concepts in the specialized subjects and topics related to the fields of Finance and Taxation which cover two types of taxes that is direct tax and indirect tax.

Faculty Members
George Jospeh Nadackal 9447111231 HOD
Mr. Pratheesh C 9496115415 M.Com. , PGDCA
Ms. Sreeja Mohan 9539368854 M.Com
Ms. Shereena K B 9746980549 M.Com.
Mr. Pramod Lukose 9846279907 M.Com, M.Ed.
Mr. Bimal Kumar 9995627468 M.Com , PGDCA
Ms. Deepthi S Nair 9947192254 M.Com.
Ms. Geethika Suresh 8547564925 M.Com.
Ms. Suryamol K R 9995807565 M.Com.
Ms. Rashmi R 9947470705 M.Com.
Ms. Arya S 9497679545 M.Com.
Mr. Shamal T M 9747820013 M.Com.
Mr. Jibin Mathew 8089002992 M.Com.
Mr. Aquil C Sam 8129125433 M.Com.
Mr. Visakh Chandran 9446488041 M.Com.

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