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M.A. Economics

The two year post graduate programme in Economics aims at a deeper understanding and application of theories and to create research aptitude in students. While class interaction aims at developing a wide knowledge base, the student is encouraged to analyse, articulate and prepare for a challenging professional career.

Faculty Details
Ms. Rinu Jose 9048476869 M.A, M.Phil. (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Amal Sharin T.J. 9496723434 M.A., B.Ed. (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Mettilda George 9496723434 M.A, B.Ed. (Asst. Prof)
Ms. Gincy Susan Lukose 9947399335 M.Sc., M.Phil. (Asst. Prof)
Mr. Vinu J George  9895425564 M.A (Asst. Prof)

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