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Physical Facilities

Three rooms are provides – one for the faculty and two for the students. The staff room is spacious enough for four seats, necessary selves for stacking, electrical fittings, toilet facilities are attached. A PC, printer, internet connection, intercom, speaker are also available. Class room with seats for 30 students each have necessary lights and fans. An LCD projector is provided in one classroom.

Computer Facility

Faculty has a PC, printer and internet connection in the staff room. A laptop computer is kept in the office for classroom or other presentations. Students have access to a computer center, with 25 PCs in the same building. Otherwise, they can access a similar one in the main block also.


Students depend on the main library for references. It has a fair collection of books and a few journals. A handful – around 70 – books are kept in the library in the SF block for immediate access. Books are lent out for 10 days. A stock register and issue register are maintained. A member of the faculty is responsible for the issue and timely return.

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