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Lab Facility

The Department has a well equipped and spacious laboratory with all necessary amenities and a seating capacity of 36 students. An LCD projector is also provided in the laboratory to enhance the learning experience of students.

Centralized Bioinformatics Lab

A bioinformatics lab is established in the department with the support of UGC grant. As a part of their curriculum the VI semester students familiarize the basics in bioinformatics here. The lab is also utilized by the students for updating their knowledge in the field of biology.


The Department has a diverse collection of local fauna and many rare specimens. The museum has also got an osteology section. We occasionally organise exhibition of museum specimens to elicit enthusiasm among the students.

Departmental Library

Apart from the General library of the college, the department of Zoology maintains a well versed library with more than 300 books from various branches of biology. This includes many authentic books of foreign authors in basic biology. The books are accessed by the students as and when required.

Vermicomposting Pit

The Department of zoology manages a vermicomposting unit in the college premises for efficient recycling of biodegradable wastes. This also provides hand on training for the students in vermicomposting.


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