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Being the national and official language of India, hindi is very much relevant in Indian life. India being a country of many languages ,culture and creed, hindi plays a great role in bringing people together .Compared to other south Indian states learning of hindi in kerala education system is very progressive and popular .By offering part two second language the department ensures the ability to read and write hindi by enabling the students to speak the language and deal with the native uses confidently. By giving them ample opportunities to learn about the culture of hindi speaking communities the hindi department contributes to the growth of the students as well as the language.


To make hindi most popular in kerala through innovative methods in teaching ,learning and evaluation.


  • To provide good quality education
  • Development of personality
  • Give awareness of moral values
  • Guidance and consultancy
  • National inregration by creating awareness of hindi language


The history of the department of hindi starts from 1964 when K E college was established with four batches of pre degree classes. Hindi is taught as second language in the U G level. Hindi being the national language ,it is very much important to proliferate it in the non hindi speaking state of kerala. Department of hindi of  KE college earnestly taking up the matter and doing necessary programmes for promotion of hindi language.

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